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Jesse, they do - but I am not sure why. Problem is I don't fully
understand what is going on there... which is why I am hesitant to
just ignore it.

Makes sense to me

Chris, where and how exactly does one install the "target platform SDK"?

Visual Studio 2017 comes with an installer program. It is possible to
install an older platform SDK version but I do not want to do this on my PC.

What happens if you do not change the `TargetPlatformVersion` manually
but have only that one installed?

I would get an error message that the needed platform SDK version does not

VS2017 did not exist at the time of the last release (or at least
nobody cared) so CI didn't use it to test.

Makes sense

This should have been added
earlier, but I only added it 3 weeks ago with
- which then showed this bug.

Good work on your part

(If any of the other failures that were
then fixes also were caused only by VS2017 I can not say

It would be nice to investigate and test this, if anyone has the time for

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