That white paper says to me jdk11 is the end of the road for JSE at
Oracle.  Without Swing/JavaFX I can't think of a single reason to have JSE
on a computer.

The message of the white paper was clear: both Apple and Microsoft own
their platforms and the day is not too distant when both will exclude Java
from running on their platform.  Apple already stopped shipping Java.

The message is clear:  migrate to .net for windows or swift for mac.  Java
will only be running on Linux in the near future and that market is not big
enough to be attractive to Oracle.  There will be no more cross-platform
Java (or anything else) development.  Browsers will continue to be
available on all platforms -- if you want to play on somebody else's
platform you will abide by their rules.

It is a sad day but, admittedly, exclusivity is not a new idea to either
Apple or Microsoft.

What is the remedy?  Make alternatives so attractive IT managers will
CHOOSE to leave either MS or Apple for the alternative.

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