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> jan i wrote:
>> I warned about exactly that, but  I was asked (see JIRAs) to remove the
>> cats (captcha). If you read the JIRA (which was watched be several in
>> here)
>> you will see my warning.
> The idea was to replace the CAPTCHA with something better, otherwise we
> can (should) keep the current CAPTCHA and discuss a better solution in the
> meantime.
> The cats cause incompatibilities and other issues, but if they are much
> more effective than the replacement let's go back to the cats as soon as
> possible and in the "see what's best to replace them (but something MORE
> effective, not LESS effective!).

May I politely correct you, the idea was NOT to replace the cats. The jira
was implemented by the word !

The exact wording is:

"Wiki6: Cats/Dogs CAPTCHA for new user registration is quite broken. It
doesn't work in several browser configurations, it includes HTTP instead of
HTTPS https://issues.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=123695 -> Recommended
solution: drop it entirely.  "

That statement is pretty clear, how it can be read as moving to something
more effective slips my mind.

later the jira contains:

"accessibility suggestion from Tyler (haven't tested MediaWiki
compatibility): there is a website which provides text-based CAPTCHA's in
the form of logic questions, math problems, etc. It provides an XML API.
See http://www.textcaptcha.com/ "

Apart from the facts, thats its a suggestion and not a decision (like that
above),  we do not use extensions that are not supported by mediawiki
(meaning downloadable from mediawiki.com and verified for our release). As
a sidenote, that captcha is pretty much the same as the standard which are
active right now. There are quite a lot of captcha┬┤s out there, just
looking at mediawiki.com extensions gives a lot of choises.

At this point in time we have several choices:
1) leave the config as it is
2) reinstall cats
3) choose another captcha (in this case we need to decide which one).

I am not the one to overrule a community decision (Wiki6), but I will
happely implement another community decision.

jan I.

> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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