Am 02/07/2014 12:45 AM, schrieb Rob Weir:
On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 6:21 PM, jan i<>  wrote:
On 6 February 2014 23:42, Andrea Pescetti<>  wrote:

jan i wrote:

I warned about exactly that, but  I was asked (see JIRAs) to remove the
cats (captcha). If you read the JIRA (which was watched be several in
you will see my warning.

The idea was to replace the CAPTCHA with something better, otherwise we
can (should) keep the current CAPTCHA and discuss a better solution in the

The cats cause incompatibilities and other issues, but if they are much
more effective than the replacement let's go back to the cats as soon as
possible and in the "see what's best to replace them (but something MORE
effective, not LESS effective!).

May I politely correct you, the idea was NOT to replace the cats. The jira
was implemented by the word !

The exact wording is:

"Wiki6: Cats/Dogs CAPTCHA for new user registration is quite broken. It
doesn't work in several browser configurations, it includes HTTP instead of
HTTPS ->  Recommended
solution: drop it entirely.  "

That statement is pretty clear, how it can be read as moving to something
more effective slips my mind.

later the jira contains:

"accessibility suggestion from Tyler (haven't tested MediaWiki
compatibility): there is a website which provides text-based CAPTCHA's in
the form of logic questions, math problems, etc. It provides an XML API.
See "

Apart from the facts, thats its a suggestion and not a decision (like that
above),  we do not use extensions that are not supported by mediawiki
(meaning downloadable from and verified for our release). As
a sidenote, that captcha is pretty much the same as the standard which are
active right now. There are quite a lot of captcha┬┤s out there, just
looking at extensions gives a lot of choises.

At this point in time we have several choices:
1) leave the config as it is
2) reinstall cats
3) choose another captcha (in this case we need to decide which one).

I am not the one to overrule a community decision (Wiki6), but I will
happely implement another community decision.

I hope you can simply restore cats if that can be done without too
much trouble.  Then we can discuss further and come to a community
decision on what else to do, if anything.  I hope you agree that there
is zero benefit to accumulating additional spam while we discuss.

Fix the immediate problem, then we can discuss longer term.  This one
area that Apache Infra knows how to do well.  They know when it is
important to act rather than discuss.  I suggest that this is one of
those times.

Right, especially when there is already a solution that is working (mostly resp. for the most people).

Thanks Jan.


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