On 07/02/2014 jan i wrote:
May I politely correct you, the idea was NOT to replace the cats. The jira
was implemented by the word !

Yes, probably, but it was badly written in my mail that was then copied to JIRA. You, and a few others, know that the contents of that JIRA issue
result from an afternoon I spent during the holidays trying to put together all pending improvement suggestions that had come to us through many channels. I didn't take care to put many explanations there.

"Wiki6: Cats/Dogs CAPTCHA for new user registration is quite broken. It
doesn't work in several browser configurations, it includes HTTP instead of
HTTPS https://issues.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=123695 -> Recommended
solution: drop it entirely.  "

That specific suggestion was worded that way because I had read from someone (you, maybe?) that with the new improvements there could (just a possibility) be the possibility to do without the CAPTCHA. We tried, it didn't work and it's no problem to fix it immediately.

That statement is pretty clear, how it can be read as moving to something
more effective slips my mind.

I wrote it in a wrong way giving somehow for granted that the MWiki upgrade would feature some native anti-spam measures and that those measures would suit our purpose. Again, we tried, they didn't, no problem to revert quickly.

At this point in time we have several choices:
1) leave the config as it is
2) reinstall cats
3) choose another captcha (in this case we need to decide which one).
I am not the one to overrule a community decision (Wiki6), but I will
happely implement another community decision.

The current remedy you put in place (no self account creation) will obviously work for the time being, thanks for being fast in reacting.

So let's move forward and see what we can implement now: where's the list of CAPTCHA solutions on mediawiki.com? Do you have any recommendations or, on the contrary, any extensions that Infra is not going to allow?

(By the way, the CAPTCHA issue exploded before I could review all items, but thank you for the work on all other pending issues! And let's get this one done properly too)


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