The files listed below are not conventional files used in ODF packages.  The 
basic ODF files do not use DTDs and files by those names are not part of the 
standard ODF document structure.  While there might be other files in an ODF 
package, usually XML files are expected to conform to [xml-names] and need a 
different schema. 

What is the file extension on the files you are examining and are there 
standard ODF components there as well, such as content.xml (the minimum 
requirement) and a META-INF/manifest.xml conforming to the ODF specification.
If it is otherwise an ODF package, the meta.xml file should reveal what 
software produced it.

It may be that these are *OpenOffice-specific and you will find nothing about 
them in the ODF specification, so your tool may need to differentiate between 
ODF and implementation-specific content.

Note that scripting is implementation-dependent in the ODF specification.

 - Dennis

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Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2014 11:41
Subject: location of libraries/library/module/script DTDs?


Where can I find these DTDs:


These are used in ODF packages for the script-lb.xml, script-lc.xml, and
parcel-description.xml files. Besides the DTDs, are there any specs that
describe the format of these 3 XML files?

I haven't found them in the SDK or the source distribution.

I need them to do DTD validation of the script-related metadata in these
XML files, in addition to the RelaxNG validation of the other ODF XML

I'm working on an ODF diagnostic tool, and I need to study these to
determine if there can be multiple scripts per XML file, etc.


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