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> [...] The files listed below are not conventional files used in ODF
> The basic ODF files do not use DTDs and files by those names are not
> part of the standard ODF document structure. [...]

The Apache OpenOffice source code does ship sample scripts with
parcel-descriptor.xml files, which refer to scripting.dtd. Two of the
DeveloperGuide/ScriptingFramework samples have them:


Both refer to a scripting.dtd:

  <parcel language="Java" xmlns:parcel="scripting.dtd">

Yet scripting.dtd is mising.

   That is one peculiar namespace declaration.  
   It is *not* an invocation of a DTD.  
   It is use of a relative URI (a no-no) as
   a namespace identifier.

   In a time long ago, some DTDs were installed
   in the directories of the binaries.

   That still happens, though there is probably 
   no earthly reason for them to be there.  Take
   a look at 
   wherever you have AOO 4.1.1 installed.
   These are a throw-back to the original 
   proposal of OpenOffice.org in the creation
   of ODF 1.0, which then chose to use 
   Relax NG and namespaces instead.  

   XML files with DTDs on them, for the parts
   defined in ODF, do not have or require

   The *.mod ones are "modules" that are
   included in others by external-entity
   definitions.  Look at the office.dtd
   for examples.  The script.mod is one of
   These applied only to OpenOffice 1.x
   releases.  They are not for ODF as
   it was approved.

   Read the notice in office.dtd.

   I would look at script.mod, compile some
   ODT files with scripts in them, and see
   what you can surmise the grammar of 
   current script files might be in ODF

I did find some of the other DTDs I was looking for in the AOO sources,
and one that may be related:

  main/xmloff/dtd/script.mod may be (or have been) related.
  main/xmlscript/dtd has libraries.dtd, library.dtd, and module.dtd.

Still, no scripting.dtd that I can find in Apache OpenOffice SDK or
source. Perhaps this file was part of an earlier Sun/Oracle release,
that was deleted during the incubation process? (BTW, LibreOffice also
does not have this dtd.)


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