> It is correct that you will find many XML based documents that refer
to DTD
> documents, actually it is a part of XML standard to do so.
> But that does not mean that scripts or programs use these files. They are
> often (and in case of AOO it is so) included just as a reference for
> defining which XML constructs are legal. If you google DTD there are a
> handfull of sites that offer them for both ODF and OOXML.

Thanks to multiple responders, for the pointers to more easily search
the code.

The box with the data in question is down for backup, I'll get you
specific file names and creator versions by morning.

And, again I realize scripting is outside realm of OASIS spec, yet AOO
and other clients need to read these documents which contain these scripts.

If AOO reads these and doesn't have the DTDs to validate the metdata
before running scripts, that sounds kindof scary. That's why I was
presuming I'd find the DTDs in the current AOO code, regardless of which
codebase generated the original documents.

I mainly need to know if the XML files can contain multiple scripts per
file, or there must be a separate file for each script (which I think is
the case).

All scripts I've found to date are StarBasic, Java JARs, Java BeanShell,
and JavaScript. (I haven't started parsing the MS-centric VBA OLE2 blobs
yet.) I've not found any Python-based scripts yet. I'm not sure what
other language-based scripts to be expecting, from the various ODF
implementors... :-) I heard someone asking the LibreOffice team to
support Guide-based scripting at a recent conference. :-|

I've been doing this code by reading the ODF spec, and studying data
from code output. I've not yet studied how AOO's current code handles
scripts. That's my next step. :-)

I don' t yet know which clients run the various scripts. If there is any
AOO or other org ODF script interop matrix data, I would very much
appreciate a pointer.


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