> [...] The files listed below are not conventional files used in ODF
> The basic ODF files do not use DTDs and files by those names are not
> part of the standard ODF document structure. [...]

The Apache OpenOffice source code does ship sample scripts with
parcel-descriptor.xml files, which refer to scripting.dtd. Two of the
DeveloperGuide/ScriptingFramework samples have them:


Both refer to a scripting.dtd:

  <parcel language="Java" xmlns:parcel="scripting.dtd">

Yet scripting.dtd is mising.

I did find some of the other DTDs I was looking for in the AOO sources,
and one that may be related:

  main/xmloff/dtd/script.mod may be (or have been) related.
  main/xmlscript/dtd has libraries.dtd, library.dtd, and module.dtd.

Still, no scripting.dtd that I can find in Apache OpenOffice SDK or
source. Perhaps this file was part of an earlier Sun/Oracle release,
that was deleted during the incubation process? (BTW, LibreOffice also
does not have this dtd.)


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