Minor touch-up about OneDrive and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

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> - Since there is no Microsoft Office client on Linux, and neither do
> they have an online editor, it becomes product to become that client to
> Microsoft OneDrive that can also edit or save in .docx format. Now there
> are a few meagre solutions for using OneDrive on Linux, but it is not
> much.

True, the Microsoft Office Linux client-penetration case is via Android.  

However, OneDrive does accept ODT documents and they can be viewed on-line via 
Microsoft Office Web Apps (now called Office Online).  There is online editing 
although it might require being a Microsoft Office user.  I will have to check 
that.  Also, it might be that a Linux-operating browser isn't compatible with 
what the Web Apps require. 

I have attached two PNG that show an ODT being opened in Word Online from 
OneDrive.  If they come through, you can see what the Microsoft Office Web apps 
look like.  The browser in one case is Internet Explorer 11.  In the second 
case, I used Chrome (and notice the offer of an Office Online Extension for 
Chrome).  In both cases the document is a trivial .odt that I created just to 
be able to check to check on the improvement of Office Online support for ODF 
over time.

PS: Since I have a Microsoft Lumia (Windows 10) smartphone, I just used the 
OneDrive application there to access the same file. In this case, the file 
requests permission to use an on-line conversion service and then opens the 
result as read-only and editing is only available if I allow the document to be 
saved in an Office format.  
   An unfortunate aspect of this mobile OneDrive client is that it does not 
show filename extensions and I don't see any way to change that. There is a 
thumbnail icon, but it is for Word, so a .docx of the same name looks like a 
second copy of the same file.  I have no idea how the OneDrive application 
manages and the Office mobile applications work together on Android and iOS.

> Suppose AOO had its own OneDrive client plugin? That you could use AOO
> to browse and modify, load and save, documents on OneDrive?
> Just the same as that Microsoft Office would do, is what I mean. Just
> become cloud-ready. Just allow a person to save on OneDrive.
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