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> > On 17/09/2016 10:46, Peter Kovacs wrote:
> >
> >> (Maybe WPS is a good alternate to you then. I read in the german
> Linux
> >
> > Why would a program whose developers, in the name of destroying the
> > user
> > experience, removed features, functionalities, and capabilities. The
> > only user case in which that is a virtue, is one in which the user has
> > no qualms about not being able to open documents created with the
> > software.
> After reading some threads on a Dutch review site I can't say I have
> really seen any positive reviews or remarks about WPS. Most of that came
> down to ill compatibility with MS products. I am sure it works fine on
> its own but also cannot save or open(?) in ODT.
> I'm not sure if it is still based on OpenOffice?

Current versions of WPS do not support ODF Formats.  Only Microsoft Office 
formats are supported, beside the native .wps format.

The Windows version uses Qt and while one might see similarities in the GUI, I 
don't think there is any meaningful connection with OpenOffice. The "native" 
.wps format does not use a Zip package.  LibreOffice opens it though.  It is in 
the Microsoft DocFile format and could be a flavor of .doc.

Also, the software installs in AppData\Local\Kingsoft\WPS Office\ (on Windows 

It all appears very smooth.  I have no idea about the quality of Microsoft 
format support, including OOXML.

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