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I had not known about it, so thank you.

I am not impressed with its looks, but they don't feature large size screenshots, so I don't know.
you are welcome. I was also not impressed. the last writing tool that impressed me was Scribus. However that tool is really bad with tables.
I don't know how much can be gained by simply using an alternative that is in essence, the same kind of program. I still won't have cloud access and will be far away from using something like Google Drive or OneDrive.
btw. have you tried dropbox?
they have an official Linux client.

Migrating to a non-prominent tool for me is never a very appealing thing. It's the same with computer games: there are a 100.000 of them but only a few that really appeal. The "no name" or "B-brand" computer games generally are not that interesting and I wonder why companies even *try*. If you do something, at least try to be the best, and don't just copy what another has done in the hopes of some success.

With computer games, this is often shown with the lack of creative story.
I recommend the documentary: indi games: the movie. Gives you an Idea on why people do wired things.
I believe Open Source as such has no Market interest. They exist as
long as someone has the Code. Development is not the main focus.

That almost sounds like it is just a storage place for projects, a dump place of sorts, where projects can retire ;-).
I am sure Oracle had the same thought. ;-)

All the best.

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