toki schreef op 17-09-2016 17:52:
On 17/09/2016 10:46, Peter Kovacs wrote:

(Maybe WPS is a good alternate to you then. I read in the german Linux

Why would a program whose developers, in the name of destroying the user
experience, removed features, functionalities, and capabilities. The
only user case in which that is a virtue, is one in which the user has
no qualms about not being able to open documents created with the software.

After reading some threads on a Dutch review site I can't say I have really seen any positive reviews or remarks about WPS. Most of that came down to ill compatibility with MS products. I am sure it works fine on its own but also cannot save or open(?) in ODT.

I'm not sure if it is still based on OpenOffice?

Seeing the number of changes they have made to their (international) versions and their name, I don't think they have a very consistent outlook on the thing. It seems rather 'spurious' or haphazard. Very successful in China apparently. And the Android app is apparently greatly recommended over any alternative (so for tablet use etc). Recent free versions should have less limitations (no watermark on printing) but may still not save in .docx format.

Personally I generally mistrust Chinese products. I have only once tried a Chinese email client, and it was not a good product.

I also hardly trust their "phone home" capabilities, but that aside.

I tend to want to filter Chinese products through Japanese or western agencies ;-).

Also never really happy with the cheap stuff I order from the cheap websites... it just feels dirty to me, except one time with some plugs.

So I don't really think WPS is a good alternative, but then I also don't really know what you mean here, Toki ;-).


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