Peter Kovacs schreef op 17-09-2016 12:46:

I have a question.

I dont know the Open Document Foundation. But maybe they work on it. I
mean they forked from Oracle OpenOffice because they were frustrated
that the errors were not fixed.

I personly do not know, but I would not be surprised if Apache
Foundation as the successor to Oracle has not has such structures. I
think classic way is within Apaches Foundation that they cooperate
with one or more  interst groups (free devlopers, communities,
cooperations / Companies) that has an interest in development of the
Product. With this method different Companies can cooperate in order
to achieve their individual goals and save money with synergy. Can
someone maybe enlight this point? Am I right?

So the question is which Structures does Apache Open Office offers to users?

Xen are you willing to pay a sum in order to get a fullfillment of
your needs? - Or is it more important to you that the feature you need
already exist?

(Maybe WPS is a good alternate to you then. I read in the german Linux
magazin (I think latest edition) that they are pretty stable and quite
good on working with docx.)

I had not known about it, so thank you.

I am not impressed with its looks, but they don't feature large size screenshots, so I don't know.

I hesitate to go to completely new solutions particularly if it means abandoning what I am already familiar with and also if it is not actually a new type of solution, but really more of the same. Something like Google Docs is, of course, inspiring. I am also a developer.

I don't know how much can be gained by simply using an alternative that is in essence, the same kind of program. I still won't have cloud access and will be far away from using something like Google Drive or OneDrive.

At least on Linux, and even though on Windows these things are obviously much easier....

I don't want to bitch here but Windows usage is not very possible for me just yet. Having stuff in the Cloud is even a form of data security for me. I have little to hide at this point and just having secure data (not losing it) is more important than any thoughts of "oh google".

Migrating to a non-prominent tool for me is never a very appealing thing. It's the same with computer games: there are a 100.000 of them but only a few that really appeal. The "no name" or "B-brand" computer games generally are not that interesting and I wonder why companies even *try*. If you do something, at least try to be the best, and don't just copy what another has done in the hopes of some success.

With computer games, this is often shown with the lack of creative story.

I believe Open Source as such has no Market interest. They exist as
long as someone has the Code. Development is not the main focus.

That almost sounds like it is just a storage place for projects, a dump place of sorts, where projects can retire ;-).

I realize what I say could be visionary or "different" or challenging or odd or weird or non-functional.

It is just that I approach it as a developer with a bit of an entrepeneurial mind. I see the potential for something, you just have to believe in it. Not saying I can do it, but if people would be inspired with the same, I would not be the last to be interested to join in on that.

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