Peter Kovacs schreef op 18-09-2016 5:38:

I don't know how much can be gained by simply using an alternative that is in essence, the same kind of program. I still won't have cloud access and will be far away from using something like Google Drive or OneDrive.
btw. have you tried dropbox?
they have an official Linux client.

I wouldn't really ever feel safe with Dropbox.

That's just disaster waiting to happen, in a way.

I recommend the documentary: indi games: the movie. Gives you an Idea
on why people do wired things.

You mean weird?

I am not really talking about those kinda guys. I am really talking about games that have no market at all. Downloading the film though. When Diablo II was released it was not a many-million-dollar budget game. Of course they had professional musicians and all of that.

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