Hi all,

I wanted to start a discussion about a Topic that was already discussed several 
times between several people but never here on this list.
As some of you may know, we at pragmatic minds developed a Framework for 
“Industrial Data” Evaluation we called CRUNCH.
As we were unable to sell it back than (I think this stays true till today) we 
decided to make it open source under Apache 2 License, here [1].

What we observed is that such a framework doesn’t have much use without data 
(clever, hm?).
On the other hand, everybody who used PLC4X a bit comes sooner or later at the 
point where he needs to transform data in a certain way.
Imagine simple situations like… watching a bit, because you want to know every 
time it toggles.
But more and more complex examples are imagineable like reading certain values 
only when a (probably complex) condition becomes true and so on and so on.
Exactly these issues are addressed by CRUNCH with a very fluent Java API but we 
also planned (and still plan) to introduce some kind of query language to 
enable to evaluate / start queries during runtime.

For several reasons (some outlined above) I see that both projects could 
benefit a lot from each other.
Another aspect is that our community is really great and I dislike the idea of 
having several different communities around for (closely) related project as 
this always leads to “brain split”.

So we at pragmatic minds could imagine to donate the CRUNCH code to the PLC4X 

But before taking any ‘official’ steps I like to discuss the topic with you and 
hear your thoughts on that.


PS.: Of course we would rename the framework. CRUNCH was and is a bad name and 
we knew that from the start but never found a better one… :D

[1] https://github.com/pragmaticminds/crunch

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