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2018-04-10 17:20 GMT+02:00 Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.invalid>:

> The "." is a bug from the search and replacing of "Apache Flex" to "Apache
> Royale".   Replace the "." with a "-" in both the .css and the
> ComboBoxView and then in examples that don't use ComboBox, the
> opt_org-apache-royale-html-ComboBox_Button selector should not be in the
> output.
just committed the fix of the css selectors and the uses I found in Basic.
If exists more uses in other projects let me know.

> I don't know how the compiler would know to change the assignment of:
>    button.className = "ComboBox_Button";
> in ComboBoxView to
>    button.className = "opt_org-apache-royale-html-ComboBox_Button";
well, I was saying that devs don't have to use to write this line :
button.className = "ComboBox_Button";
but framework try to search directly if exists the rule
"opt_org-apache-royale-html-ComboBox_Button" the same
as if exist the rule "Button" or "CheckBox".

> CSS Pruning might be a feature advantage for Royale if for really small
> examples the initial download is much smaller than 140K of CSS.
Rigth, that's a good thing. For this reason I want to experiment with this


Carlos Rovira

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