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Mike had a grat response on the imact and potential downsides of becoming an 
Umbrella project.
I asked for his permisson to forward, so here we go.
Txs Mike for the additional input!


> Von: Mike Kienenberger <mkien...@gmail.com>
> Betreff: Aw: Implementing Microprofile JWT
> Datum: 13. Februar 2018 um 16:08:24 MEZ
> An: bo...@apache.org
> As the Chair of an umbrella project (MyFaces), I strongly recommend
> against making umbrella projects.
> Umbrella projects end up with a lot of unloved components, and this
> happens without anyone realizing it as it is difficult to have the
> same oversight for subprojects as there is for a TLP.
> There is going to be some point where smaller items are too small to
> handle individually, but you should have the mindset that whenever a
> subproject gets enough community to support it that it should
> immediately spin off to its own TLP.
> Right now, MyFaces has 11 subprojects.   Only two of them are actively
> developed.  The people working on several of these subprojects drifted
> away and no one noticed because it wasn't important to the remaining
> people.   Most of those who remain are, rightly so, not willing to
> devote volunteer time to something they have little-to-no involvement
> with.  The other PMC members will still do it grudgingly but as a
> burden.   Even "retiring" these subprojects is not possible because no
> one is willing to spend the time to make that happen.
> To recap, my recommendations to the PMC of an umbrella project would be:
> - Require subproject reports.   Have them due two weeks before the TLP
> board report is due.   Merge them into the TLP board report.   Use
> similar criteria to determine subproject health.  The PMC becomes "the
> board" within their domain.
> - Split subprojects off to TLPs immediately as soon as a sustainable
> community develops.  This might be before code exists.
> - Have a plan beforehand on when and how you are going to "retire"
> subprojects which are no longer maintained.  You are going to need
> your own attic concept.

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