Am 16.09.2008 um 22:27 schrieb Seth Woodworth:

> So far the semantic form for activities is very rough in actual data- 
> points and very rough in layout.
> On the actual form, I think that there needs to be some small  
> changes; a drop down for languages, ability to add wiki-pages in  
> certain fields instead of urls, etc.
> On the form's display, it would be possible to wrap the current data  
> into a box on the right hand side of the page, much like the current  
> Activities box.  I will try to describe what I would like to see  
> more clearly on the wiki-gang list and try to implement it (if I can).

As an activity author I'd love to have a single place to edit when a  
new release is made. The box appearing on the Activities page should  
be automatically created from the the activity's page, if you know  
what I mean.

I made an approximation of this for the X activity (inspired by the  
small boxes on top of the Activities page):

which includes the activity box at

that is also referenced in the Activities page:

(hehe, wouldn't be a nicer  
link? No way to do that I fear)

- Bert -

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