Il 09/02/2018 16:57, Thiago Macieira ha scritto:
This release is too old. It still has Qt 5.6.

But I know for a time openSUSE backported the OpenSSL 1.1 patch onto Qt 5.9.
Now Tumbleweed has Qt 5.10 anyway.

The point isn't which version of Qt comes with the distribution, but the binary builds. Given people do use binary builds (to have an up-to-date Qt) but not mess with OpenSSL, the outcome will be that SSL will not be functional for the users of the distributions I mentioned before.

Does TQC have any statistics to share here?

If the argument becomes "those people can stay with LTS or build from sources", then well, let's go all in for the binary builds, shall we? Like build with C++17 and GCC7?

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