On Sunday, February 26, 2017 06:39:00 PM Ian Clarke wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 9:06 AM, x...@freenetproject.org  wrote:
> > Our typical developer is using a highly sophisticated terminal mail client
> > which has received decades of development.
> Really?  Have you conducted a survey?
> I can't remember the last time I saw
> anyone using a terminal mail client, it was probably 15 years ago.

Look at the user agent of the mails of Arne you have replied to in this very 
thread. They're sent by emacs.
There in fact also is a survey - which shows mutt has a *GROWING* user amount:

Our developer's liking terminals is also a general impression from our daily 
discussions on the IRC team chat over the past years.
Steve uses a terminal IRC client. Florent too as far as I remember.

Also we haven't had a Windows installer for years because from our dozens of 
contributors *nobody* was using Windows to the point of being able to maintain 
an installer.
Yes this is unrelated to mail, but it shows how far our folks are located on 
the "open source spectrum".

So please chose wisely with regards to shiny JavaScript cloud solutions :|

Disclaimer: I use a GUI mail client, this is not self-serving.

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