On Saturday, February 25, 2017 08:23:00 PM Freenet wrote:
> What is stopping the funding from DuckDuckGo (received over a year ago)
> from being disbursed?

Finding someone qualified to hire.

While it is indeed frustrating to see no progress here, I would please remind 
you that all of us are volunteers currently which means we have very limited 
time - and that time is fully consumed by the fact that we have to:
- migrate the website
- migrate the 3 wikis
- migrate the bugtracker (I'm at it)
- migrate the mailing lists and mail
- do a Freenet release since there has not been one for half a year and we 
must do one soon due to the SSL certificate expiring

All of those are complex tasks, and thus it would be very unwise to now start 
the even more complex task of hiring someone AND reviewing their code for 
whether the quality is sufficient / they aren't ripping us of.

Thus I would propose we wait until the server migration is finished before we 
deal with the hiring.

> I propose March 15th that the money is spent, to the best of the current
> results of the poll and all discussion surrounding it.

Sorry but it would be absolutely impossible to find someone trustworthy enough 
to hand them over $27500 right away in that timespan.

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