Hi again,

Done more coding (in front of the TV watching the Tennis David cup : France vs 
Croatia ;))...

I’ve now completely rewritten the 8.3M1 release notes using the release notes 

FTR changes I’ve brought:
* In the end, "When the target audience is “developer” the screenshot is 
replaced by an example.” was not a good idea and I’ve dropped it.
* For the developers section, I’ve used a single column view. FTR here’s the 
wiki syntax for the New and Networthy part:

= New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 8.2) =

[[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 

== For Users ==

{{news columns="3" audience="user"/}}

== For Admins ==

{{news columns="3" audience="administrator"/}}

== For Developers ==

{{news columns="1" audience="developer"/}}

I’m quite happy about the result. Do you like it too?

Next step: Provide a UI for adding a release notes news (right now I’ve used 
the object editor to write the RN for 8.3M1).


> On 17 Sep 2016, at 12:27, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net> wrote:
> I’ve done a quick POC locally, if you’re curious:
> * 3 columns view (using {{news columns=“3”/}}:
> https://www.evernote.com/l/AHcrwTDtWzBL7JaGLsTvj3NcP95dEYwraOc
> * 2 columns view (using {{news columns=“2"/}}:
> https://www.evernote.com/l/AHche7VWkv1KgLZPkWqbVv_ZGn728y-tAzw
> * Livetable view of data:
> https://www.evernote.com/l/AHcItOb57M9AMIaU6HXBTO04c3o91dVKck4
> Note1: I’ve added a title xproperty too.
> Note2: I’ve tweaked a bit the CSS of the galley macro but I could commit this 
> (see 
> http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Gallery+Macro?viewer=comments#xwikicomment_6).
>  I’ll also need to talk to marius about the 128px padding for left/right 
> arrows (which I’ve reduced to 45px for the screenshots above). 
> Thanks
> -Vincent
>> On 16 Sep 2016, at 18:18, Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net> wrote:
>> Hi devs,
>> I’m planning to write a Release Notes Application for xwiki.org. I’d like to 
>> do something relatively simple in order to have a first working version.
>> Rationale
>> ========
>> * Have nicer looking release notes by defining a structure and a common L&F
>> * For users, be able to see all the release notes item from a given version 
>> to another version and by category
>> Idea
>> ====
>> Specifically for the “New and Networthy" section have:
>> - A visual that looks like this: https://www.jetbrains.com/datagrip/features/
>> - 2 columns layout
>> - For each item a screenshot and a summary text
>> - (optional) Have a “Learn more” button that goes to the item and provides 
>> more info (and possibly more screenshots if need be)
>> XProperties:
>> - Version (in which the item has been added). Static list
>> - Category (Help, Color Themes, Solr Search, AWM, etc). Static list
>> - Main screenshot 
>> - Summary text
>> - Additional content
>> - Target audience (User, Admin, Developer). Static list
>> Notes:
>> - If no “main screenshot” is provided then the generated report will put the 
>> item in a Miscellaneous section
>> For now I don’t want to handle other metadata for the releases notes, i.e. 
>> translations, upgrades, backward compat, tested browsers, etc). Precisely, 
>> I’m planning to write a “New and Networthy” application ATM, not a full 
>> “Release notes app”.
>> The way it could be used is through a {{news/}} macro, e.g.: {{news 
>> from=“6.4” to=“8.2” [categories=“help,awm,...”] 
>> [targetAudience=“user,admin”] /}}.
>> Usage
>> ======
>> - There would be a page in the wiki to see the livetable corresponding to 
>> all the release notes news (the xproperties above)
>> - Above this Livetable I imagine a form with several fields: 
>> — From version, 
>> — To Version 
>> — Category (if not empty generate the report only for that category)
>> — Target (user, admin, dev). (if not empty only generate the report for that 
>> target audience)
>> — + a “Generate” button to generate a dynamic "News and Networthy” report
>> - We would also use Tags for each news to categorize it further, e.g. 
>> “usability”, “performance”, and the LT would display the tag cloud. This 
>> will allow for example to see all items between such version and such 
>> version that are related to, say, performance
>> - We would still write a Release Notes page for each version but on that 
>> page, we would use the {{news/}} macro (with from = to = the version 
>> corresponding to that RN). On that page we would add all the other parts 
>> that are not in the app yet, i.e. translations, upgrades, backward compat, 
>> etc
>> - When an XWiki developers codes a new feature or improvement or new API 
>> will use the app to add it.
>> Future
>> ======
>> * Add a different release notes app to include the other metadata
>> * We could almost imagine using this “New and networthy” app to provide 
>> reference documentation for our features… :) (along with automatic “since”). 
>> That’s probably too science-fiction and I’m sure there are lots of gotchas 
>> but just mentioning it here to make us dream a bit...
>> I’m starting to work on the POC. Let me know what you think.
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent

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