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On 5/19/14, Andrej Mitrovic <andrej.mitrov...@gmail.com> wrote:
Btw, I'm currently porting the Box2D physics engine to D.

For a second there I thought Dash was a 2D game engine, but it's a 3D one, which is awesome! 2D physics can still be used with 3D graphics to some great effect. But ultimately I would really want us to have a
3D physics engine.

I've been eyeing the Bullet physics engine. There have been several attempts at writing bindings, but I think we (s/we/I) should make a port instead. It will definitely take some work though. Porting Box2D took me personally about two days of work (~20Kloc C++ codebase),
Bullet is ~150Kloc, but using things like regex for conversion
wouldn't scale here. Using a modified parser such as Daniel Murphy's
magicport or a C++ parser based on DScanner would probably work.

Anyway, I'm just rumbling out loud here to some of my future plans.
All of this will likely take a longer initial delay because I'm
relocating soon, so things will be hectic. :)

Good to hear about Box2D! We just had someone approach us about using our engine for a 2D physics based game, so we'll definitely point him in your direction.

As far as bullet goes, that would be amazing, but definitely no small undertaking. We talked about it internally, but decided it wasn't worth the time for just trying to get Dash off the ground. You should know, though, that if you do it, you'll have at least one user :)

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