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> Port? Or wrap? Because 10K in < 10 hours feels crazy. Even worse
> than crazy! :D

I think after all I might just be remembering it wrong. And in fact
git log will tell me otherwise. Let's see:

$ git log --reverse --pretty=format:"%ad %s"

Wed Oct 30 17:13:59 2013 +0100 Initial commit.
Fri Nov 1 01:54:24 2013 +0100 Ported most code.

Of course I didn't work non-stop on it (humans have to sleep
sometime). If you stitch the hours up together I think the initial
port was done fairly quickly. But it wasn't a hard codebase to port,
it's a C codebase.

Porting C++ can be harder because you have things like C++ classes
used by value which have their default ctor called, and this doesn't
translate easily to D's structs.

> BTW: thank you so much for imgui, I discovered it yesterday and
> I'm already using it: it is so simple it is awesome, even in
> early alpha stage! It IS the most immediate gui I've ever used ;)

Cool, glad it works for you!

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