On Monday, 9 June 2014 at 18:09:21 UTC, Joseph Rushton Wakeling wrote:
I think that hap.random fixes certain fundamental design issues with std.random. However, this needs to be put to the test "in the wild", so I'd really appreciate it if as many people as possible could try it out with their code, and report on the experience:

A few things I'd really like to hear back on, if anyone can give them a go:

  * try using hap.random via rdmd -- does it work?

  * try making a dub package dependent on hap.random --
    does it work?

  * try importing only some, not all, of the hap.random
    modules (e.g. import hap.random.generator) -- does
    this still work?

  * how does it work for people on non-Linux OS's?


    -- Joe

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