On Tuesday, 7 April 2015 at 16:33:37 UTC, Stewart Gordon wrote:
I haven't been active on the newsgroups lately, so lose track of what's going on. Has anything happened?

Just now I tried to commit to the bindings project on dsource, but got an error "POST request on '/projects/bindings/!svn/me' failed: 500 Internal Server Error"

Has it been doing this for a long time? Or is it just a temporary problem? Bindings is certainly a project that needs to be kept alive, whether here or somewhere else, but either way it needs to be possible to commit to it.

Sorry about that. It looks like pushing to SVN is broken. I don't remember if this is a new problem. I've just spent two hours trying to fix it, and though I thought I made some progress, now some Apache module is mysteriously segfaulting. I'm not sure if I should spend more time on this.

There's already a mirror of bindings on GitHub.


This is my GitHub account for mirrors of SVN repositories.

I don't know if it would be reasonable to convert this into the live bindings repository. The name 'CS-svnmirror/dsource-bindings' implies that it's a mirror of the dsource repo - can the name be changed? Or would we need to create a new repo on GitHub to carry on where the dsource one left off?

Yes, we can move the repository to GitHub. Since Git is distributed, you could just clone the mirror, create a new repository, and push it there. I'll remove my mirror then, to avoid confusion.

It's probably past time anyway, as the bindings project is the only "active" project on DSource. Everyone else moved to GitHub years ago.

Moreover, I haven't taken the time to get to know GitHub. I've just realised that at least it has a wiki facility. Is it structured in basically the same way as the dsource wiki?

I'm not sure how far the comparison goes. It has a wiki which can contain multiple pages which can link to each other, that much I can say.

Speaking in broader terms, I think the only useful part of the bindings project is the Win32 API. Everything else is provided from Derelict or Deimos. Ultimately, I think the bindings should be moved to Druntime, but it would take some work to integrate them with the existing ones to allow a seamless transition.

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