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> I got an email from the publisher of my D Cookbook asking me to 
> write another book on D. From their email:
> "We have recently commissioned a book on D, titled ' Learning D '. 
> This book will have approximately 400 pages and and the vision 
> behind this book is to introduce practical concepts and tasks 
> specific to D programming."

Uurrr… I guess they have redefined the term "commissioned". I would 
have said "they have permission to commission/contract".

> I had to say no; I just don't have that kind of time right now. 
> However, they asked me to ask here if anyone would be interested. If 
> you are, email me and I'll get you more information and put you in 
> contact with the Packt editors.

What is their workflow these days? When they asked me to do a Python 
book and later a Groovy/GPars one, they were tied to a Word-based 
workflow for authors.

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