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> Well, if you do the document with Latex on git (or some similar 
> version control), you get most of the same stuff.  Latex has a 
> comment tool where you can do margin comments if you wish, and of 
> course you can also do comments in the 'code' if you want - they 
> don't show up in the document at all.  Heck, I am sure there is a 
> package for everything in Latex if you look hard enough.

(Xe|Lua)LaTeX or AsciiDoc
Git or Mercurial or Bazaar

Publishers have, however, seemed to have decided that sub-editors must 
work on the original source document files directly. If this is an 
integral part of the publisher workflow and the sub-editors cannot 
deal with DVCS or the markup languages, then the publishers refuse to 
use those tools.

Still as long as some half-way decent authors are prepared to use Word 
and abdicate their responsibility for the content once initially 
created, the publishers win.

> A MS-word document with 'track changes' on, edited by multiple 
> people, is the greatest eyesore known to humanity. I still don't 
> understand why anyone who had a choice between Latex and MS-Word 
> would pick MS-Word for anything longer than 25 pages...

And who has the current master version, which  file is the master, 
etc., etc.

> Just my personal opinion as one who recently finished a 200 page 
> thesis in Latex, and is now working for a company where we do all 
> our internal documents in Word. Latex certainly has its ugly
> warts,
> but it is so nice for lengthy document1.

Luxury. I typed my thesis (including the maths equations) using a 
broken portable manual typewriter. ;-)
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