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>> > Luxury. I typed my thesis (including the maths equations) using a
>> > broken portable manual typewriter. ;-)
>> And you tell new students these days, and they won't believe you :o)
> There is one wonderful upside to this story, the examiners appreciated
> the complexity associated with changing anything, that they took
> considerable effort to find the minimum changes necessary that could
> be done with Snopake and a pen.
>> […]
>> Of course, TeX is also a programming language, so for developer types
>> it does present its own distraction.  Luckly TeX coding is so obtuse
>> it is never a serious temptation.
> Uuuurrr… like m4, once you get into it it isn't so bad.

Hmm, yeah.  Depends on the application use of m4 though.  I've been at
a company who used m4 to generate all their DNS zone files.  In which
you'd get high marks for having a way to add/remove records that was
relatively low maintenance cost, but low marks for complexity of
adding features/debugging bugs in the wiry maze of macros. :)


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