On Wednesday, 18 March 2015 at 21:49:17 UTC, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
Why is it insufficient? You don't have to use DUB to the exclusion of everything else. Isn't the use of the preGenerateCommands (http://code.dlang.org/package-format#build-settings) enough to call these other build systems you use?

You're joking, right?

The only sensible way to use multiple languages in the same project is to use the same build system for them. Anything else is way too fragile and hackish.

Arbitrary, contrived example (though not entirely unrealistic):
 * a C(++) executable needs a static D library
 * Said D library in turn uses a C(++) library
 * All three of these are built as components of the same project

So now I need a weird tangled mess of build systems calling each other back and forth. Dub really doesn't pull its weight here.

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