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Unless something has changed recently, it shouldn't require dub. Last
time I checked, my CMake work[1] could still generate projects for
Eclipse from a D codebase, using Makefiles or Ninja. Not that that helps
if you are creating a project from an Eclipse Wizard, which I haven't
done in a long time.

[1] https://github.com/trentforkert/cmake

What kind of Eclipse projects does it generate? If it generates CDT
projects, it's not really much help as CDT doesn't understand D (duh),

and DDT doesn't work with CDT projects (also duh).

Why is that 'duh'? I would expect nothing less than for DDT and CDT to
interact comprehensively.

Fair enough on that last 'duh', it could have been that DDT integrated with CDT.

VisualD and Mono-D interact extensively with the existing C/C++
toolsets present on those platforms.

Do they now? I'm inclined to try them out again because I'm a bit skeptical of that comment, as least in how it applies to this discussion. For example, does Mono-D allow to seamlessly create a crossplatform "solution" with a D project interacting with a C project (and/or the opposite). And what exactly "seamlessly" means here, what is offered in Mono-D that couldn't be done in DDT?

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