Hello Elie,

Elie...I added some more examples for some of the tests in libstdc++ to a new PR. The main reason for this is that iterators for lists and vectors work now (for those that were keeping track, they didn't work last month or thereabouts). This makes things work quite well for several of the STL files now.

I thought I would also point out, to those that are following this thread, that I have tried at least a half dozen libraries (like zeromq, vecmathlib, dlib, etc.) and I haven't been able to get any of them to work for anything really meaningful. There is still one fairly major compilation error in the ScopeChecker that keeps popping up for all of these libs and a few STL files. I just wanted to point this out, as it seems from a couple comments, that people might be expecting to be able to just use C++ libs with Calypso straight away, and that isn't quite the case today. Some impressive stuff does work though...check out the libstdc++ examples.

So, my point is that while some impressive things compile (like CImg, which is a 50,000 line header file!! ... actually you need to comment out 3 lines of preprocessor code but close enough) and you might be able to instantiate a few classes and/or templates, I don't think any significant lib will actually work out-of-the-box with Calypso right now...but it is very close, I think.

I just wanted to be clear about this so that there isn't too much of a shock for anyone trying to use Calypso right away :)

Any automatic build script would be nice to have Laeeth :)

Once useful portions of a 'popular' (or requested) C++ lib work with Calypso, I will be happy to write up a step by step tutorial, but I don't think it is quite at that point yet.


On Thursday, 16 April 2015 at 16:42:42 UTC, Elie Morisse wrote:
On Thursday, 16 April 2015 at 06:43:25 UTC, Suliman wrote:
Could anybody wrote very simple tutorial, that show how to use any popular C/C++ lib without binding? I mean step by step manual.

Also it would be nice to get binary builds for Windows to test.

Suliman sorry for keeping you waiting :)
I'll be spending the evening installing MSVC and Qt Creator, and building Calypso for Windows users to play with and to help with testing. Expect binaries tomorrow.

The usage should be clear just by looking at and building the examples in tests/calypso.

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