A small update may be appropriate. We have run into a couple snags this past week when Elie improved the modulemap'ing for C files.

Calypso now autodetects modulemap files for libc and POSIX standard headers in the /usr/include directory and /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys. This change took a few days and many libraries broke in the meantime, but now things are back to approximately where they were last week (although one improvement is that <iterator> now compiles).

There was also a backport from D2.068 to allow MSVC library usage which should move things along on Win platforms.

Upon further testing of the LEMON library, I discovered that many things worked, but there is still one or two errors that make it not quite work for everything, so rewriting a nice example in D didn't quite work out.

Efforts continue and hopefully we can get at least one library completely working soon, so that a proper example of Calypso's use can be written. I think things are quite close now because I was able to use every class, struct, function, etc. (that I tried randomly) in scintilla with just a couple hand written fixes to two scintilla header files. I think scintilla, LEMON and libzmq are the closest to working at this point.

Thanks for your patience,

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