On Wednesday, 22 April 2015 at 14:57:43 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
What about Qt? I don't remember it being heavily templated.

Thanks for the hint, it's definitely true for most of the code of Qt although there are still a few areas like QtCore/qtypetraits.h or Q_STATIC_ASSERT in non-C++11 mode that are tormenting Calypso (and helped fix bugs). But overall it seems like a much shorter list of errors compared to other libs, so there may be something to show soon :)

On Wednesday, 29 April 2015 at 15:33:38 UTC, Kelly wrote:
This isn't a problem anymore because Calypso can import libraries without an explicit namespace now, as long as it has a modulemap (that was part of the updating effort over the last week).

Actually it's not due to that directly but because there were a few Qt global functions and variables (e.g in QtCore/qnumeric.h) that some Qt classes depend upon and caused a large part of the C standard lib to be imported, which would fail because there are some variables and structs that share the same name.

It works properly now that symbols from the C standard lib are split across several modules (so no more name conflicts).

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