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On 08/18/2015 05:57 PM, Ali Çehreli wrote:

> it is up to date with 2.068


This information is coming a little late but here are the changes since the previous release on December 15:

New chapters:

- Fibers

- Pragmas (moved from elsewhere)

- Operator Precedence

- Andrei Alexandrescu's foreword

New features:

- pragma(inline)

- hasUDA (instead of the earlier hand-coded hasAttribute)

- std.range.generate

- AliasSeq (formerly TypeTuple)

- Attributes like 'pure' of 'auto' functions are inferred

- std.algorithm.each

- .byKeyValue


- typeid, TypeInfo, and a discriminated union example

- Constructor qualifiers and type constructors

- The 'with' keyword

- The comma operator

- typeof(this), typeof(super), and typeof(return)

- .funcptr and .ptr of delegates


- Mainly by Luís Marques, Steven Schveighoffer, and Andrej Mitrović

- Improved book index

- Improved overall formatting

- Inline (Egyptian) opening brackets throughout (available online and in the upcoming IngramSpark edition; not available in the CreateSpace edition)


I just received my copy last week, and this thing is a monster of a book. You don't realize exactly how much work went into this until you see it in physical form, so thanks again for all your work on this Ali.

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