On 09/09/2015 09:18 PM, Paul O'Neil wrote:

> I understand that you may not have the IngramSpark edition yet, so an
> answer may have to wait:
> Which publisher produces the better book?  Is one bound better, etc.?

I've received the first proof copy of the IngramSpark printing. Comparing it to the CreateSpace printing:

- It is virtually impossible to tell that the two books are printed by two separate printers. The quality is the same.

- The bindings are almost the same: CreateSpace's glue is translucent, IngramSpark's glue is white. Bothe are very good.

- IngramSpark's paper is thinner (eyeballing: about 15-20% thinner); so it is more see through.

More importantly, I can say that my first experimentation with the format change has failed: When the margins are too narrow, the book looks very amateurish. I am going back to more comfortable formatting.


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