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OT: Readers of this NG probably know me under the name "ponce", however over the year I was made aware that it's an english swear word so I'll post under my IRL name from now on.

I'm happy to release my first commercial software, it's a voice effect designed for singers, follows the VST 2.x format, and is made entirely with D (LDC 0.16.0 for OSX 64-bit, DMD 2.069.0 for the rest).


Using D has been an interesting ride, even for a long-time user, but it went better than expected.

I don't really have a point to prove, but I'm really tired with people arguing that a language with GC can't possibly do real-time. It's not like you are unallowed to optimize.

I've only ever worked in real-time systems. All of those, except for one with 32kB of RAM, could have afforded a GC. Actually very, very few development time was allocated to deal with the GC, if any.

If you want to make audio effects with D too, this one uses "dplug" which was announced already: https://github.com/p0nce/dplug

Thanks for reading.

You have no idea what you are talking about! It is mentalities like yours that cause headaches for musicians and engineers who work with RT audio.

Do you realize that even 5 ms of jitter can be felt by the listener and musician as being off? 5 ms of latency can be felt and 20ms is unacceptable.

Now lets say you have 10 plugins being used, all with independent GC's doing their thing. You think it doesn't matter because you did some test in some controlled environment and it "worked" given your set of assumptions and hypothesis.

Yet, when your product gets out in the real world, you will cause enough grief that instead of helping the community you will hurt it.

What if someone wants to use your plugin live? You think it is acceptable to have latency and jitter? What about glitches because your GC decides to run at the same time as all the other GC's?

But keep on dictating how great GC's are for real time audio!

I do commend you for doing a plugin in D, but basically your logic is "It's ok to point a gun at people and pull the trigger as long as it's not loaded"(and we all know that it turns out in the long run).

If you spend 10 hrs a day working in a DAW with thousands of VST's you'd have more of an appreciation of RT audio and design.

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