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People on OS X 10.6 don't use 64-bit audio plugins, so this combination
is indeed missing but shouldn't be a problem. The transition to 64-bit
occured starting with 10.7 if I understand correctly.

I don't know what the audio industry is using but the 10.4 was the first version to get limited support for 64bit. I would say that 10.6 is a fully 64bit compatible OS [1]. Even if the kernel is running in 32bit mode you can run applications in 64bit, if the CPU supports that.

With the 64-bit binary I only support 10.7+ through LDC.

Ah, ok, I see.

The big surprise was that DMD can produce OSX shared libraries at all.
For good measure I've removed TLS usage I know in the 32-bit binaries. I
haven't seem a change in behaviour.

Is anyone still using 32bit on OS X?

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Snow_Leopard#64-bit_architecture

/Jacob Carlborg

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