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> I'm sympathetic to this. I still just download Anaconda and not 
> bother with much else.

But that is the whole point I am trying to make. Anaconda (or
Miniconda) is not a single massive monolithic library, it is a package
management system for a Python milieu. You have a single command conda
that allows you to get the bits you want. It is just pip on steroids,
but with proper curation. Sadly they are still on Qt4, but…

The analogy to Miniconda in Python is Dub in D.

The analogy to Anaconda in Python is downloading the whole of the Dub
repository before doing anything.

Actually Dub is more like Pip. Continuum Analytics put a lot of effort
into managing their separate repository. Very little crap, lots of good
stuff. But focused on data science.

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