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> Well whoever these people are, they are most certainly not the
> people 
> I've seen. They wouldn't care or even want to look at PyPI.

The people you have seen are clearly not Pythonistas. This may be by
dint of their teachers/lecturer/tutors/mentors not actually
understanding Python and its culture.

> 2 years ago, but I can guarantee for students that go through that 
> course and tutors, it won't be changing anytime soon.

OK, in which case I infer the teachers/lecturers/tutors/mentors really
do not understand Python, and should learn more themselves as a matter
of urgency and professionalism.
> You're 100% right that it is the people problem here.
> But right now, Phobos is the only way I can emphasize reuse of the
> core 
> bare-bones libraries.

I disagree (hence my comment about displacement). I think we should fix
the Dub issues and the relationship between Dub, GDC, LDC, DMD,
druntime and Phobos. To use Phobos as a "hack" to solve the problem in
the short term will be a disservice to D in the medium to long term.
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