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> > I'm sympathetic to this. I still just download Anaconda and not
> > bother with much else.
> But that is the whole point I am trying to make. Anaconda (or
> Miniconda) is not a single massive monolithic library, it is a package
> management system for a Python milieu. You have a single command conda
> that allows you to get the bits you want. It is just pip on steroids,
> but with proper curation. Sadly they are still on Qt4, but…
> The analogy to Miniconda in Python is Dub in D.
> The analogy to Anaconda in Python is downloading the whole of the Dub
> repository before doing anything.
> Actually Dub is more like Pip. Continuum Analytics put a lot of effort
> into managing their separate repository. Very little crap, lots of good
> stuff. But focused on data science.
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Reading the whole thread here it seems we're all pretty much in agreement
about lightweight phobos + dub on steroids.

- phobos should be the common glue allowing interoperability between
various libraries and apps.
- druntime should be OS abstraction?
- dub should be first or second  thing you download when using D (depends
if it can install d itself)

'dub install dmd' installs dmd
'dub install ldc|gdc' ...
'dub init +gui ' could init a gui app with recommended dependencies.
'dub init +web' for Web dev.


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