On 20 March 2016 at 22:53, kinke via Digitalmars-d-announce
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> On Sunday, 20 March 2016 at 10:54:54 UTC, Manu wrote:
>> Where is LDC at with the D frontend at the moment?
>> Have Walter's numerous February fixes for C++ compatibility made their
>> way in yet?
> Trunk (master branch) is at D2.069.2. The merge-2.070 branch already exists,
> so it won't take long for us to catch up.

Awesome, looking forward to trying it out!

>> Also, out of curiosity, has anyone looked at connecting the MS codegen
>> (C2.DLL) to LDC like MS do with Clang+C2 (Clang frontend w/ MS
>> codegen) that was released in VS2015 Update 1/2?
> Nope, I haven't and I suspect noone else has. I don't see any benefit except
> for debug infos at the moment, but I guess full support in LLVM itself won't
> take ages.

It's been many years so far... what's a couple more? ;)
It would be interesting to know if it's possible/reasonably simple.
The advantage is, in addition to the obvious debuginfo, that the
binary generated by the same codegen would definitely be completely
I suspect performing the plug like Clang would take a very small time
compared to the years we've already been waiting for the LLVM/MS guys
to get comprehensive debuginfo into LLVM, and that's assuming that
LLVM is even capable of expressing all the data in MS's debuginfo
format? MSVC debuginfo is very good; it has data such that variables
follow their registers around in fully optimised builds, making
release build debugging fast and effortless.

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