On Saturday, 19 March 2016 at 13:23:48 UTC, kinke wrote:
Hey all,

I'm proud to announce that MSVC is fully supported now for LDC trunk. Rainer Schuetze has implemented MSVC-compatible exception handling (available since brand-new LLVM 3.8) for LDC, so that we have fully working exception chaining now on Win64. Along the way, he also added 32-bit MSVC support and a TLS alignment bugfix for Windows < 8.1 (a Windows bug/wontfix!). It requires a bleeding edge LLVM though, as Rainer's work has uncovered a few LLVM bugs which didn't make it into 3.8 final. So a round of applause for Rainer and the LLVM devs, excellent job, thank you very much! Full PDB support for LLVM is also underway...

This is great, I don't have to write assembly anymore! Thanks LDC team.

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