On Sunday, 20 March 2016 at 14:15:19 UTC, Manu wrote:
It's been many years so far... what's a couple more? ;)

I know, but MSVC targets have just recently gained a lot of momentum, and MS has started contributing too.

The advantage is, in addition to the obvious debuginfo, that the
binary generated by the same codegen would definitely be completely compatible.

Completely compatible to what? An identical IR generated by clang for a 1:1 translation of a D source to C++ (in cases where that's even possible)?

assuming that LLVM is even capable of expressing all the data in MS's debuginfo format?

For me the question is rather whether the MS backend really fully supports LLVM IR, especially wrt. ABI details, alignments, EH etc., or if it just supports what clang emits.

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