On 20.03.2016 11:54, Manu via Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
Also, out of curiosity, has anyone looked at connecting the MS codegen
(C2.DLL) to LDC like MS do with Clang+C2 (Clang frontend w/ MS
codegen) that was released in VS2015 Update 1/2?
I suspect their C2.DLL connectivity code must be available(?), and
theoretically LDC could connect to it for codegen the same way Clang
does(?), and that would lead to 100% MS compatible binary and
debuginfo output.
ClangC2 produces binaries that are almost indistinguishable from MSVC
compiled binaries while debugging.

I just tried to find some information about C2.DLL, but it seems they haven't made anything public yet. Grepping Microsofts' github forks of llvm/clang didn't reveal anything, too.

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