El 11/04/16 a les 16:21, Matthias Klumpp via Digitalmars-d-announce ha escrit:
> As part of that work, the dub package an build management system is now 
> available in Debian, and I will ensure it works well.
> Additionally, it was possible to make dub available late in the Ubuntu 16.04 
> (Xenial) development cycle, so dub will also be part of the upcoming LTS 
> release of Ubuntu

This is a very good news!

> Co-maintainers[1] and feedback from the dub developers is very welcome, and I 
> hope this addition is useful for you.
> [1]: Especially from the d-apt people - helping with official Debian packages 
> is possible even if you're no Debian Developer / Maintainer. 

I'm the only one d-apt maintainer. 

About the d-apt dub deb package, they're built using binaries from 
<https://code.dlang.org/download> and do not compile anything.

How long will it take from a dub release until dub deb package will be 
available on the Debian stable repositories? And for Ubuntu?


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