On Monday, 11 April 2016 at 18:05:31 UTC, Jordi Sayol wrote:

Well, this makes useful have dub in both repositories, Debian/Ubuntu and d-apt. All Debian/Ubuntu users can always use dub on their system. If the last release is needed for any reason they can add d-apt repository to install it. d-apt takes 1-2 day to update dub deb packages after dub release. The deb package is not a problem because we use the same package name, and the version shouldn't be a problem too, the newer version will be installed regardless its source, isn't it?


$ dpkg --compare-versions "0.9.25-0" gt "0.9.24-1ubuntu1" && echo "greater" || echo "NOT greater"

As long as you keep the Debian revision at 0, everything is fine and there should be no conflicts, if the binary package names in Debian and your repo match. Please just don't increase the Debian revision to something bigger than zero, that can result in breakage. You could use a revision like "-0~1" or "-0.1" when making changes to the package without a new upstream releases. But that seems to be the case already, so there's no problem here :-)

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