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This would probably have been a RC or even the final version if I hadn't to wait for the development platform I use to reach its next milestone, which may not happen before the next spring, so another beta is worth.

All important information, links and other downloads are here:

You can report any problem here:

If you have questions, exactly today, I'll probably be there:
irc://irc.freenode.net/d as "DotBatch"

I am new to dlang and wanted to try out Coedit. But it does not run on my platform... I tried the zip archive and the installer for the 64-bit version. I am running Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon x86_64. Running "coedit" will log me out of the current session!? Any idea whats going on?


1/ Do you have a proper GTK2 runtime environment ?
Try to verify with this command: pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0

2/ If you replace dastworx by this new version, does it still crash ? new version: https://github.com/BBasile/Coedit/releases/download/3_beta_3/dastworx.linux.x86_64.zip

3/ You can try to log the output by launching from a console: coedit > cecession.txt

Do 1/
Do 2/, if it still crashes then do 3/

Thank you. I got it working and Hello World compiles and runs :D.

... I followed the 'Setup program' instructions, but skipped the important point above the heading: "In all the cases, the DMD D2 compiler must setup and its location has to match to one of the directory of the PATH environment variable.". I only had ldc2 installed. After installing dmd coedit did work.

After playing around a bit i noticed, that something is wrong with the project management. While the single Hello world compiles and runs, I can not compile a project. i get the following messages:

- compiling
- has been successfully compiled
- output executable missing: /tmp/app

I found the compiled 'app' file next to the coedit executable.

Also the 'project inspector' seems not to work. When i add files, they are not listed there.

Something seems not to be setup properly on my machine.

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