On Monday, 30 January 2017 at 23:32:12 UTC, dminded wrote:
Ok, the debugger also works if i write a bit more then just a 'writeln' into main.

How can i set breakpoints? If i click on the left side of a row, a little red dot appears.

This means that GDB cannot set the breakpoint. checkout options/debugger to enable all the options starting with "show..." You'll get the raw GDB output in the messages and you'll see what happens under the hood when you click in the gutter.

But the debugger seems to ignore it and instead every statement is a breakpoint. I also can not find a "step out of function" button.

Commands that are not in the toolbar can be typed in the field at the bottom. So check out the manual an for the MI syntax to do this and type it. Normally all break reasons are handled by the interpreter.

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